On Legal Rights For Trees, Air & Water

handsometree.jpgAt the top of the food chain, as they say, sits Man. In some respects mankind is making great progress. And hey, how do you achieve progress if you don’t make mistakes along the way?

Arguably one of the mistakes we have made is to imbue Corporations with all the rights of individual citizens. And we have seen how selfish and careless many of these corporate citizens have been with our environmental resources. 

As the environmentally detrimental corporations ravage our environment while striving to satisfy shareholders, there is a challenge we have yet to squarely face: How do we enact enforceable rules that drive real progress in the protection and preservation of the environment?

So how do we create a more level playing field for our fields, streams, trees, etc.?  In Ecuador, a truly innovative and progressive concept is being promoted:  Ecuador is Voting On Legal Rights For Trees, Air & Water

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