Prove It!

A recent reader comment closed with: “Those scientists… if they can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist”, which is I think one of the rules those scientists go by. (I don’t know for sure; I’m not a scientist.) It is time that scientists start to formally examine other forms of PROOF. [Proof roughly equals Truth, no?]

An opposite form of scientific proof is empirical proof. Scientific proof is demonstrated by conclusively repeatable controlled experiments. When you enter “definition: empirical proof” into your Googatron, you get this. The fact is, some Truths are not scientifically Provable, but are True nevertheless.

I was waiting for my takeout lunch this week in a chinese bistro called Chinese Bistro. At a nearby table, a fairly large and pleasant woman was having a bottled water with her meal with a few folks. She was taking frequent sips, but each time she unscrewed the cap, took a drink, and immediately re-capped the drink. This “keep it covered” approach to bottled drinks seems to be common. Why?

I tend to rule out spillability, the safety-first notion that we or someone else might knock over our bottle, so we always must be guarding the water by keeping it capped. It’s rarely a problem with a drink in a glass. What else, then?

Some folks are germophobic. Don’t want to catch whatever perilous stuff might be floating around in the atmosphere. (Apparently a plate of hot chow mein is impervious to the atmosphere problem, but the penny-size opening in the top of a plastic bottle is a natural germ funnel?) Could that be it? The water, which is pure in the bottle, must be contained or it could become quickly contaminated?Well that would be a scary world to live in.

Even the scientists do know that water picks up what’s around it, or what it’s around. We have all tasted water that rested in a plastic container too long, or had a distinct metallic flavor.

And after all, we are composed of a high percentage of water ourselves. But did you know that WATER IS ALIVE?

“Oh yeah?? Prove It!”

OK, scientists, it’s time to enjoy your Schauberger. On June 30, 1885, Viktor Schauberger was born fifth of nine children to an Austrian family whose motto is ‘Fidus in silvis silentibus’ (Faithful to the quiet forests). He intensively studied trees, plants, water, and nature in general from his youth until the age of 73, when all rights to his amazing ideas, plans and experiments were acquired against his will by a Texas-based consortium, and he passed away soon afterward. His son Walter carried on his legacy until his death in 1994. Their work with water and energy are receiving greater attention today. Viktor Schauberger, Living Water

LIVING WATER, Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, by Olof Alexandersson, is a 155 page PDF book that describes major developments in Schauberger’s life, research and findings. If you are interested in water, free energy, personal and social health, and bettering your world, this is a fascinating document. Since I received it for free, I am passing it along to you at the same price: Free. Once you have read it, you will have your proof, or enough information to develop your proof yourself. 


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