The purpose of Meditation

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Dear Friends,
This was shared with me by way of Rhonda,”Thank You Rhonda”
Meredith was kind enough to share this with his blessings ,”Thank You Meredith”
I hope this will  help you  & others……………………………………………………………The Purpose of Meditation
A Lecture by Chunyi Lin
As recorded by Meredith; another leaf on the tree in Spring Forest Qigong

I. Balance your energy
II. Tap into the infinite source
1. To enhance life’s joy, peace, and happiness
2. To connect with wisdom(s)
A. Wisdom to find answers
B. Wisdom to listen to our natural ability (we are born with) to tap into our energy reservoir.
III. Through deepening our meditation we are able to strive to understand the Chinese term of ‘Schen Da = Most: Powerful, Mysterious, Unlimited, Biggest…: Loves; and put that love into action leading to a deepening meditation. After we understand the purpose of meditation is not simply for the sake of meditating, the practice as an action raises our level of the vibratory or resonance of our energy frequency to a higher level of quiet and peace. This understanding of the purpose of meditation prepares us for the following 5 steps to get into a deeper meditation:
Step 1: To begin; in your mind, set your life’s goal (what design do you have or want in your life? What do you want your life to look like). Define, very specifically the questions(s) you want answered.
Step 2: What level of achievement (or outcome) do you want as a goal that supports (or affirms Step 1)…be very clear.
Step 3: The clarity of focus resulting from Step 2 will determine (consequently) the amount of energy you will spend on the goal identified in Step 1.
Step 4: If there is a passion revealed to you in steps 1-3, then the additional component that remains to incorporate or include is that of compassion; thereby putting compassion into action along with your identified passion, subsequently raising the levels of each (passion and compassion) as you open your heart…finding love everywhere and in everything around you…as beautiful. The more you put complete compassion into action, the more love you will feel, and the more blessed or blessing will be the consequence of your actions.
Step 5: Going from the head to the heart, (analogous to the conscious and sub-conscious mind) the mind being the conscious, and the heart being the sub-conscious moves us in the next phase in the process. The equation here considers that the mind receives 10% of our energy, whereas the heart 90%, and the heart is the real miracle worker, a sort of advisory board which allows us to connect to the infinite source after asking our questions…particularly as they relate to forgiveness. It is much like having a “Universal Bank Account” of love that is filled with our compassion or compassionate meditations as a reservoir from which to draw down upon
(or make withdrawals) from our savings account that we designed in Step 1. This Universal Bank concept provides us with an increased capacity (or value much like compounded daily interest in an account) that accumulates and is based on our deeper daily meditations of SFQ.
This capacity, once again, is increased by continually being mindful to move our energy from the head to the heart whenever possible in our daily activities…in our daily life; thereby increasing our capacity to love, to be loving, and to receive love. For example, we remember the basic and simple rule to ‘S.M.I.L.E.’ (acronym for: Start My Internal Love Engine)as introduced to us by Master Lin at the International Conference 2009. After starting your internal love engine, use your breathing technique effectively by mindfully noticing and appreciating each breath, feeling the air coming in and going out; feeling every breath as a gift given in love from the universe, love and light, light and love, going to the light and sinking to the heart center and lower dantian.
Technique/’Trick’ to visualize light: Light a candle and gaze at the flame. Close your eyes and you will see the flame projected on the inside of your eyelids. Follow the light of the flame within, seeing inwardly as it sinks or moves, and increase the power of the light through visualization. Then, once again in your mind, say your life’s goal as identified in Step 1 with a committed intent of clarity, while calling on the help of your Master, Bodhisattva, Jesus Christ, Quan Yin or the personal form and the universal power of respect that speaks to you. Set this goal and reset it each day as you cultivate its force to bring more clarity to the objective of this lesson as stated in the beginning of these notes by Master Lin as: The Purpose of Meditation.
As you meditate on your goal(s), remember to ask these 3 questions to guide your intent and purpose:
Do I speak positively every day?
Do I act positively every day?
Do I think positively every day? Remember that each day is a clean slate…(no baggage to carry from the past.
Ask yourself these questions: as a consequence, do the answers to these questions help (support) my goal, also as defined in Step 1 above? As the answers come to you:
Remember the teachings of Buddha, to:
Trust your masters…
Trust your heart…
Let go of your ego…

Take negatives and turn them into positives remembering that energy in and of itself is neutral…not good or bad, but rather that it is our judgemental nature of ego that attaches to perceived realities and manifest themselves in action or reaction as being negative or positive, and not of the energy from the source of creation.
Should your mind wander (as it will from time-to-time), bring your awareness back to the flame of the candle’s light and sink once again into the lower dantian and the emptiness..(stretch your finger tips outward to help you in lightly concentrating your focus.
Repeat as necessary…sitting, standing, or walking in love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion, and as you end this session, thank your Master for helping us all find the answers to discovering our life’s goals….
Thank you so much, Master Lin

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