Double Rainbow Meditation

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Master Chunyi Lin stands by the double-rainbow

Master Chunyi Lin stands by the double-rainbow

Last night on the shore of Lake Superior at Two Harbors, Minnesota, our group of about 80 sat down to meditate at 7:15PM. Earlier in the day, Master Chunyi Lin had led us through the Spring Forest Qigong “Rainbow Meditation”, a visualization that bathes you energetically in the colors of the rainbow.

As the temperature gradually cooled to a comfortable mid-60’s range, we watched a thunderstorm move northeasterly, toward Silver Bay. We all settled in to meditate. I think we all hoped we wouldn’t get drenched, but it began to shower.

And behind us, the sun shown through the clouds. Then a colorful swirl of light zoomed across the shore through the group, and over the water. As we looked up, a brilliant double-rainbow brightened the sky. It formed a perfect semicircle, appearing to come from the end of the universe ahead of us (aka, Superior, WI) and arcing into the wooded point on our right.

The rainbow persisted for at least ten minutes. It was beautiful.

Master Lin suggested to us that this would be an auspicious time to make a wish!


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