Expanding my Useful Field of Focus

Last week, I got an email with an offer from Posit Science for a AAA discount on Posit’s Drive Sharp program. I took an assessment, which showed that my useful field of focus may have narrowed. Their web page said that, as we get older, our vision narrows and that can cause us to not see things unless they are right in front of us. Our reaction time slows as well, and can lead to car accidents. Besides the physical field of focus, we also have other fields of focus…

At Noel Radcliffe’s October SFQ Guild presentation, she talked about people with depression being like people walking in the dark having a flashlight in front of them who can’t see anything other than the little bit of space that is illuminated by the flashlight.

Making judgments and having “patterns” is useful, because it saves time making choices. It can be dangerous as well, because we miss opportunities and threats. We develop blind spots that prevent us from seeing things, both good and bad.

To try and find ways to expand my useful field of focus, I went to the Principles and Practices of Presencing for Leading Profound Innovation and Change.

5 movements of the U process

Expanding my field of focus starts in Co-Initiating, which has these supporting principles:

  1. Attend: Listen to what life calls you to do.
  2. Connect: Listen to and dialogue with interesting players in the field.
  3. Co-initiate a diverse core group that inspires a common intention
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