Construction of a harmonious social order

Today I received my pendant for ReachOut service in 2009. The necklace is beautiful. It has the Chinese character for “The Great Commonwealth” fired in gold onto black art glass:

What is even more beautiful is the spirit of community that is represented by the pendant. The calligraphy was done by a member of the Spring Forest Qigong International Guild, the pendants were made by another gifted artist who is a member of the Guild, the story it represents was selected by the Guild Director, and they’re only given to Guild members who have performed ReachOut service at least three events within a year.

The story behind “The Great Commonwealth” is wonderful. According to the famous Confucian Da Tung,

When the Great Way prevailed, every person was a part of public society, and public society belonged to everyone. The virtuous and the able were chosen for public office. Fidelity and friendliness were valued by all. People not only loved their own parents and children, but loved the parents and children of others as well. The elderly lived their years in happiness; able-bodied adults were usefully employed, children were reared properly. Widowers, widows, and orphans, the childless aged, the crippled and the ailing were cared for. All men shared their social responsibilities and respective roles. Natural resources were fully used to benefit all, and were not appropriated for selfish ends. People wanted to contribute their strength and ability to society for public gain. Trickery and intrigues could not occur in such a society. Robbery, larceny, and other crimes all disappeared. Gates and doors were not locked; no one ever thought of stealing. This was the age of the great commonwealth of peace and prosperity.

To know the good is to do it. What a great honor and gift. Thank you, everyone.

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