May All People Be Happy and Prosperous

I’ve been using the wonderful Sanskrit editor from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. When it starts up, the splash screen briefly displays this phrase:
May All Beings Be Happy and Prosperous
It goes by so fast, I had trouble remembering what it said. Yesterday I took a screen capture and looked up the text. It is from a poem written by YogiRam Suratkumar sankaracharya of Kanchipuram for the United Nations in 1966:

Cultivate friendship that will conquer all hearts.
Look upon others as thyself.
Renounce war, foreswear competition.
Give up aggressions on others, which is wrong.
Wide mother earth, our mother is here, ready to give as all our desires.
We have the Lord, our Father, compassionate to all.
Thee people of the world, restrain yourselves, be kind.
May all people be happy and prosperous.

I used the IITM editor to create practice sheets for our Sanskrit grammar class.

May all people be happy and prosperous.

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