Indignation : anger at perceived (or supposed) affronts. You perceive it, so you hold on to it. Something bad may have happened to you. There is a Chinese proverb that says “the year reveals the day’s mystery.” You may not realize until a year later what bothered you about something that happened today. This can lead to resentment and stops the flow of qi when you are circulating the energy during the microcosmic orbit (small universe). These feelings of resentment most often are held in the solar plexus.

4 Tongue Positions during Meditation

  1. Down and flat into jaw, keep tip against teeth. Where it is when you breath from your chest (flight/fight/freeze) when your adrenals kick in. Keep your tongue here during cleansing breath – the Taoists called this Buffalo Breath.
  2. Up and flat against the roof of your mouth. Engages your diaphram. Tongue up,breath down. Tongue down, breath up.
  3. Tip up against palate, pointing towards your sinuses- increases saliva, increases circulation (beginning of meridian) .
  4. Tip back to beginning of soft palate at 45 degree angle. Key is to stay relaxed. Connects to energy center in third eye (pineal gland).

Safety -> Begin & end at the same place
1. Tan-ti’en: pick a number, start there at lower tan-ti’en,do repetitions
2. Come back to your body
3. Place : return to the same place

Three Part Ending – do the ending in the reverse order you went in

Homework: spit! Notice your saliva before, during, and after meditation. Taste, texture, amount – it changes during your meditation (Alchemy!) Mantak Chia wrote a whole book on spit, called Golden Elixir.


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