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Standing Meditation

Standing meditation is mostly the same as sitting meditation – you only need to add a few mechanics.

Legs affect/determine Pelvic Alignment & Balance

Your feet should be shoulder width apart. If your lower back hurts, bend your knees a little (but the more you bend your knees the less time you’ll be able to stand). The goal is to have your legs as straight as possible while keeping your pelvis tucked under. The most important thing is having your heels shoulder width apart. If your feet are too close together, your shape becomes an inverted triangle that wobbles easily. If your feet are too far apart, your lower torso gets tired easily.

Arms can change relaxation, gravity, energy flow
  1. Hands down, at your sides, palms facing your hips. Position #1 on chart
  2. Palms facing backwards, elbows slightly bent.
  3. Palms facing front. Position #6 on chart.
  4. Arms raised horizontally to heart level, palms facing your chest. Position #3 on chart. This one is called Embracing the Moon and bringing it to your chest. This is considered a good pose to prevent cancer, because it stimulates your body to make more white blood cells. Three arm elevation options (above your heart, at your heart, slightly below your heart), move your fingers closer together or farther apart, bring your hands in closer to your chest or farther away. If your shoulders start to get too tense, bring your hands in closer (do not raise your arms or that will increase the tension).

Our bodies are designed to move, and then the energy moves inside us.

Standing meditation is a Safer Practice than sitting meditation if you have lots of head energy, since it takes energy to stand. If you’re sitting, then there is more energy for thoughts to bounce around inside your head.

Eyes – keep them open with a soft gaze if you are outside, closed if you are inside.

Homework: do this meditation every day, outside if possible. Look at something green every day. Ask a tree to help you.

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