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For several weeks now, we’ve been taking a new medicinal mushroom product from Alphay, called Zhi Cell. We met the founder, Chairman Hui Chen, at the Regional Summit held in Bloomington MN. The company is very high integrity, which comes from the attitudes of the people at the top on down. The company name means “safe family.” They have a constitution, which is based on the following core principles

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Humanity
  • Excellence

and five powers

  1. The power of the spoken word. Your voice is one of the most profoundly effective tools you have. It is what you use to
    tell your story and inspire others to create their own. It is important to use this tool wisely,
    and always think before you speak.
  2. The power of unity. Unity represents teamwork, and teamwork is one of the most powerful forces on earth.
    When we work together, we can accomplish anything. Alphay thrives on collaboration
    and the efforts of the whole. An opportunity to work with and uplift others is always an
    opportunity to reap great rewards within your own business.
  3. The power of forgiveness.
    Unity and forgiveness go hand-in-hand; the strength of the whole depends on the ability
    of individuals to treat others with compassion. When other people make mistakes, just
    as you will, be quick to forgive, slow to judge and ready to teach and help at the moment’s notice – these are all attributes of the strong.
  4. The power of gratitude.
    In personal, social and professional life, those who show gratitude for what they have
    and the opportunity they have been given are those who find the greatest happiness.
    Appreciate what you have and take the time to express it to others.
  5. The power of example. Alphay is founded on the premise that the greatest health and happiness in life are
    achieved by finding balance in all things. You will achieve balance in your own life only if
    You strive to become an example to those around you of a true team player who uses
    their voice and their talents to do good to others and show gratitude for all they have. Be
    an example of the positive traits you would like to see in others.

You can get delicious, healthy tea and coffee from Alphay Sevana, as well as other medicinal mushroom dietary supplements and lifestyle products.

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