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Triple Numbers in the Reality: Mystery School – Day 4(44)

Today while driving, I nearly got a DWD. Daydreaming While Driving. Stuck in traffic on the way to work, I was robotically following the surge and slow of the traffic, thinking about what to do about my job. (which is

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Great Bowls O’ Fire! John T. Unger at #WDS

John T. Unger has clearly led a fiery, colorful life. He shared several personal stories with us in one of his talks at last weekend’s World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon, some dramatic and maybe even a little crazy sounding,

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It’s a small universe after all

Is the universe expanding, exponentially and infinitely in all directions? Or is it just me? We live “in” the universe, and a universe lives within us. Eastern medical philosophy recognizes that everything is holographic; wholes within wholes. For example, the

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Living in your nature

Take a moment to look outwards into the natural world. See the tree…watch the flower… observe the grass…feel the breeze. Notice how everything in nature does what it does naturally and peacefully. Peace is nature’s nature. It grows, blooms, decays

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Here’s Help for Honey Bees

We are fortunate that the University of Minnesota has a honeybee research and outreach program, which has been operating since 1918. It is the only one of its kind in the Upper Midwest, the top honey-producing region in the United

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2009’s Monthly Challenges Reviewed

While some folks make new years resolutions, our experience has generally been that we start out with good intentions and a good head of steam, and within a few months, the resolution gets lost in the shuffle of our busy

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Living with a loving heart

Heart is the only organ in the human body that has earned a fair amount of fame and prominence. Right from a poet, novelist, lyricist, paeans have all sung about the mischief of the heart. If you feel touched your

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Double Rainbow Meditation

Photos by Rochel Rittgers. Log in or Register to be able to receive additional images from Love Radiator. Last night on the shore of Lake Superior at Two Harbors, Minnesota, our group of about 80 sat down to meditate at

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The purpose of Meditation

<Clipped unedited from an Email from Rob Muir to a distribution list>- Dear Friends, This was shared with me by way of Rhonda,”Thank You Rhonda” Meredith was kind enough to share this with his blessings ,”Thank You Meredith” I hope

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Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light, by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, provides training on how to remember your dreams, and a world of additional dreamy advice.     By focusing in a prescribed manner (detailed in the book) and

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