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Great Bowls O’ Fire! John T. Unger at #WDS

John T. Unger has clearly led a fiery, colorful life. He shared several personal stories with us in one of his talks at last weekend’s World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon, some dramatic and maybe even a little crazy sounding,

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More T’ai Chi book recommendations

Here’s a list of titles not already on the reading list Julie Cisler brings to T’ai Chi classes: Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan – by Fu Zhongwen, trans. by Louis Swaim T’ai Chi’s Ancestors – by Douglas Wile The Tao of

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It’s a small universe after all

Is the universe expanding, exponentially and infinitely in all directions? Or is it just me? We live “in” the universe, and a universe lives within us. Eastern medical philosophy recognizes that everything is holographic; wholes within wholes. For example, the

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Many Teachers, One Master

There is a saying in India that a person can have many teachers, but only one master. Some of the common elements in this relationship include: The establishment of a teacher/student relationship. A formal recognition of this relationship, generally in

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In the Void

At the Level 4 retreat, Chunyi Lin talked about having gone to see the jellyfish exhibit at the Mall of America. He bought a souvenir to put in his meditation room. I went there to check it out last Sunday.

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Fasting for health and enlightenment

This year I decided to fast during the Level 4 retreat at Two Harbors. Fasting is one of the topics covered in the retreat, and everyone who is healthy is encouraged to fast on Tuesday. People who are diabetic, have

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Washoku – We Are What We Eat

Chunyi Lin tells us that we should try to eat at least five different colors at every meal. I recently ran across Washoku, which describes Japanese-style cooking. Some of these concepts migrated to Japan from China, so they are probably consistent

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Your Heart is the Key to Your Home Frequency

I’m enjoying the book Frequency, by Penney Peirce. There is a section where it has an exercise to find your own home frequency. Those steps are: Say to yourself: “In this moment and in this body I am 100 percent

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Love Radiator included in wedding vows!

Molly and Aaron Heit included a hand-fasting in their wedding ceremony. They invited all the guest to help them “tie the knot” and parents were invited to bestow a one word blessing with an explanation. My blessing for them was

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Construction of a harmonious social order

Today I received my pendant for ReachOut service in 2009. The necklace is beautiful. It has the Chinese character for “The Great Commonwealth” fired in gold onto black art glass: What is even more beautiful is the spirit of community

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