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It’s a small universe after all

Is the universe expanding, exponentially and infinitely in all directions? Or is it just me? We live “in” the universe, and a universe lives within us. Eastern medical philosophy recognizes that everything is holographic; wholes within wholes. For example, the

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Many Teachers, One Master

There is a saying in India that a person can have many teachers, but only one master. Some of the common elements in this relationship include: The establishment of a teacher/student relationship. A formal recognition of this relationship, generally in

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In the Void

At the Level 4 retreat, Chunyi Lin talked about having gone to see the jellyfish exhibit at the Mall of America. He bought a souvenir to put in his meditation room. I went there to check it out last Sunday.

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Fasting for health and enlightenment

This year I decided to fast during the Level 4 retreat at Two Harbors. Fasting is one of the topics covered in the retreat, and everyone who is healthy is encouraged to fast on Tuesday. People who are diabetic, have

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Washoku – We Are What We Eat

Chunyi Lin tells us that we should try to eat at least five different colors at every meal. I recently ran across Washoku, which describes Japanese-style cooking. Some of these concepts migrated to Japan from China, so they are probably consistent

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Construction of a harmonious social order

Today I received my pendant for ReachOut service in 2009. The necklace is beautiful. It has the Chinese character for “The Great Commonwealth” fired in gold onto black art glass: What is even more beautiful is the spirit of community

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Expanding my Useful Field of Focus

Last week, I got an email with an offer from Posit Science for a AAA discount on Posit’s Drive Sharp program. I took an assessment, which showed that my useful field of focus may have narrowed. Their web page said

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Double Rainbow Meditation

Photos by Rochel Rittgers. Log in or Register to be able to receive additional images from Love Radiator. Last night on the shore of Lake Superior at Two Harbors, Minnesota, our group of about 80 sat down to meditate at

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Starting Your Love Engine

In three simple steps, Spring Forest Qi Gong Master Chunyi  Lin explained how to start your Love Engine:    First, it starts with a SMILE:  Start My Internal Love Engine   Smile is the symbol of love. It helps to

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Enlightenment through Unconditional Love conference Wrap-up

There were so many gems of truth, wisdom and beauty this weekend that the International Qigong Conference held something vitally important for the hearts and minds of, I think, all the attendees. As such, it was a resounding success. The

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