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Happy Planet Index

Today I watched this TED talk where statistician Nic Marks questions the way we measure our progress: He included the last line of this quote by Robert Kennedy. Here is the full quote: The Gross National Product includes air pollution

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Questions to ask yourself before buying anything

Is this purchase something I need? Do I already own something that will serve the same purpose? Can I borrow one instead of buying new? Can I make something that will serve the same purpose? Can I buy a used

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Love Radiator included in wedding vows!

Molly and Aaron Heit included a hand-fasting in their wedding ceremony. They invited all the guest to help them “tie the knot” and parents were invited to bestow a one word blessing with an explanation. My blessing for them was

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Construction of a harmonious social order

Today I received my pendant for ReachOut service in 2009. The necklace is beautiful. It has the Chinese character for “The Great Commonwealth” fired in gold onto black art glass: What is even more beautiful is the spirit of community

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2009’s Monthly Challenges Reviewed

While some folks make new years resolutions, our experience has generally been that we start out with good intentions and a good head of steam, and within a few months, the resolution gets lost in the shuffle of our busy

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Healing, Helping, Fixing and Serving

Rachel Naomi Remen wrote an essay called In the Service of Life for the Noetic Sciences Review back in the Spring of 1996. She wrote When I fix a person, I perceive them as broken, and their brokenness requires me to

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Living with a loving heart

Heart is the only organ in the human body that has earned a fair amount of fame and prominence. Right from a poet, novelist, lyricist, paeans have all sung about the mischief of the heart. If you feel touched your

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Have we lost our souls in a constant quest for speed, entertainment, and convenience?

There’s Something Terribly Rude About Texting on a PDA During Conversation describes 4 stages of abandonment: Confusion – the abandoned conversationalists are simply bewildered, wondering “Why is this happening to me? Why aren’t they listening? Uncomfortable – “How long is

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Prove It!

A recent reader comment closed with: “Those scientists… if they can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist”, which is I think one of the rules those scientists go by. (I don’t know for sure; I’m not a scientist.) It is time that

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Starting Your Love Engine

In three simple steps, Spring Forest Qi Gong Master Chunyi  Lin explained how to start your Love Engine:    First, it starts with a SMILE:  Start My Internal Love Engine   Smile is the symbol of love. It helps to

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