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Love Radiator included in wedding vows!

Molly and Aaron Heit included a hand-fasting in their wedding ceremony. They invited all the guest to help them “tie the knot” and parents were invited to bestow a one word blessing with an explanation. My blessing for them was

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Halfway through NaNoWriMo…

Leila’s Graph View Leila’s progress report Max’s Graph View Max’s progress report

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Expanding my Useful Field of Focus

Last week, I got an email with an offer from Posit Science for a AAA discount on Posit’s Drive Sharp program. I took an assessment, which showed that my useful field of focus may have narrowed. Their web page said

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Prove It!

A recent reader comment closed with: “Those scientists… if they can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist”, which is I think one of the rules those scientists go by. (I don’t know for sure; I’m not a scientist.) It is time that

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Are we becoming addicted to the external world?

Joe Dispenza was one of my favorite characters in the movie What the Bleep. Today I read an article by him in the February issue of Science of Mind magazine called Contemplate Change. He talks about how our technological advances

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On Legal Rights For Trees, Air & Water

At the top of the food chain, as they say, sits Man. In some respects mankind is making great progress. And hey, how do you achieve progress if you don’t make mistakes along the way? Arguably one of the mistakes

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A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

On Eckhart Tolle’s website, he says: Millions are now ready to awaken because spiritual awakening is not an option anymore, but a necessity if humanity and the planet are to survive. Everything is speeding up – the madness, the collective

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What is Education For?

Today I started reading It covers some very interesting questions: What is education for? Where should it take place? How? When? What is the ideal school? The ideal lifelong learning experience? Who should be in charge of education? And who

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Sacred Earth

Martin Gray spent 22 years visiting 1,000 sacred sites in 80 countries around the world. He traveled as a pilgrim, along with the other pilgrims who honored the sanctity of those places. His background as a professional photographer combined with

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XMM-Newton Detects Pulsed Heartbeat Of A Weird New Type Of Star

XMM-Newton Detects Pulsed Heartbeat Of A Weird New Type Of Star Found to be spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy, a new pulsating star type is detected: The rotating radio transient (RRAT) star, which seems to pulse every 4 seconds.

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