Enlightenment through Unconditional Love conference Wrap-up

There were so many gems of truth, wisdom and beauty this weekend that the International Qigong Conference held something vitally important for the hearts and minds of, I think, all the attendees. As such, it was a resounding success. The program was instructional, inspirational, and generously heartwarming. Master Chunyi Lin, an internationally renowned enlightened Qigong master who lives in Minnesota, personally led nine sessions in the Grand Ballroom of the Bloomington Sheraton.

It is not uncommon for people’s lives to be profoundly changed with just a few minutes (or sometimes moments) in Master Lin’s focused presence. In this four-day conference, all participants enjoyed about 16 HOURS with him. Examples of session topics included “Achieving Your Full Enlightenment Now” and “Healing Through Forgiveness”.

Master Lin exemplifies loving kindness in his every word, and is a modest and humble man. He speaks with the wisdom of the universe, and fondly shares his experiences with bright humor.

His teaching is based on principles of sharing and simplicity, designed for people who do not have time to patiently meditate in remote caves or spend years perfecting esoteric training techniques. Spring Forest Qigong provides a direct, easy to learn approach. Master Lin’s stated goal is “A healer in every family and a world without pain”.

Presentations by other experts included–

  • Transformation and Healing Through Forgiveness, by holistic physician Dr. Noël Radcliffe
  • Qigong and Relationships, by Patrick Dougherty, psychologist and author
  • Empowering Yourself Through Breath, by Ann Cathcart, registered nurse
  • Bringing Qigong to Everyone, by Glenn Tobey, psychotherapist and social worker (newspaper article)
  • Meditation Concert musical performance by award-winning Chinese woodwind composer, conductor and performer Zhang Ying and two other members of the Minnesota Chinese Music Ensemble, Charlotte King (founder and coordinator), and Pei Ju Picard, musician and tea master!
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