Your Heart is the Key to Your Home Frequency

I’m enjoying the book Frequency, by Penney Peirce. There is a section where it has an exercise to find your own home frequency. Those steps are:

  1. Say to yourself: “In this moment and in this body I am 100 percent present.” Feel what it means and come into alignment with the statement.
  2. Turn down the sound of your thoughts as if you’re adjusting the volume on a radio. Soon you’ll hear your body’s teeming, which might sound like ringing, white noise, or a steady hum. Imagine something deeper behind or through the body hum. Enter the silence at the core of yourself, which is always there in spite of any physical noises.
  3. Imagine you’re in the center of your head looking out from behind your eyes. In that centermost point is a tiny gleaming diamond, emitting transparent light that radiates through your brain, clearing your mind to a neutral state of observation.
  4. Imagine you’re inside that diamond looking out, and it can move through your body like a tiny flying saucer. Let it fly down to your throat and hover. Look out at the world from this vantage point — your body’s head is up above you now. Then fly down to the center of the chest near your heart and hover. Look out at the world. Some of the body is above you, some below. You’re centered in the middle.
  5. Now fly down to the base of the spine and hover. Look out at the world from this vantage point. You’re much closer to the earth’s energy, the mind-in-the-brain is far above, and the body understands other bodies directly without language.
  6. Experiment with flying to a variety of places in your body and feeling the vibrations in the arch of a foot, a kneecap, the tip of your pointer finger, the base of your tongue, the center of a vertebra, your heart, your diaphragm. As you take these various vantage points, you may notice that your know the world in a particular way, that there is a certain kind of awareness inherent in each place. Some places are incredibly quiet and wise.
  7. Come back to the center of your head, open your eyes, and walk around, paying attention to your environment by noticing only color, shape, texture, temperature, smell, and noise. Don’t label anything; just remain in the direct experience, moving smoothly from one impression to the next, as an animal might.
  8. Later, try doing an activity that emphasizes one or two of your senses: dance around the living room to music, make a blender drink with fresh ingredients and drink it slowly. Notice your body’s pleasure, and note exactly how it feels.

This reminded me of my college roommate Kathy’s favorite saying, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can hum it back to you when you have forgotten the tune.”

So much of our time is spent doing things so we can do other things. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried just being. Penney Peirce’s says that the most calming way to find your home frequency is to enter and activate your heart awareness and apply loving attention to your body and the situation at hand. She says a quick way to do this is to allow life to be the way it is, choose to find the soul’s sanity in your immediate experience, and remember how you like to feel when you’re at your most generous, kind and unselfish. Be that way toward the moment and all it includes.

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