It’s a small universe after all

Is the universe expanding, exponentially and infinitely in all directions? Or is it just me?

We live “in” the universe, and a universe lives within us. Eastern medical philosophy recognizes that everything is holographic; wholes within wholes. For example, the condition of organs within your body can often be observed with accuracy by looking at areas of your tongue. Your ear, hand and foot map out your entire body energetically, and contain trigger points used in acupressure techniques which correspond to and affect all other parts of your body.

The Auricle Speaks

Auricular (ear) medicine is now proven to be effective for analyzing areas of problems, and treating the entire body from the external ear. It originated in China where medical workers charted more than 200 sites on the ear which showed direct correspondence to disease appearing elsewhere in the body. The techniques have also been developed in France and Germany over the past 50 years.

Ear reflexology is not only effective in the treatment of a wide range of common diseases, it can also be used with good results in the treatment of difficult emotional states.

So your ear is a complete information system that reflects your entire body holographically.

The food that you eat is new information you are introducing to the world of your body. And you, with your unique bundle of features, experiences, thoughts and emotions, are in turn a reflection of the greater world you live in too. (Granted, the reflection may be a bit kaleidoscopic. There’s always a lot going on.)

Back to the Universe

How very like an atom, with its spinning components, is our solar system with its spinning planets? And how like an atom, or, think big — like a molecule — are we, sitting here on this 8,000-mile thick earth?Edge University

In the practice of Spring Forest Qigong, the founding master Chunyi Lin suggests the following key:

“I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body. The Universe and I combine together as one.”

March is Small Universe Month

For 30 days, we will contemplate the small universe within the larger universe, at least for a short time each day.

This contemplation ranges from thinking to experiencing, following a prescribed practice technique, and so becomes a meditative exercise: doing the “Small Universe”.

So, meditate on that.

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