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Let your experience be a guidepost, not a hitching post. –proverb

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Crazy Sexy Life

I’ve been following the posts on Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life blog since last summer. She is funny and smart and has surrounded herself with some very knowledgable experts in health and nutrition. Today I joined her website as a

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Hummingbird reminder

I bought a Christmas card for a special friend that has this writing on the paper wrapper that came with it: Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate

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Living in your nature

Take a moment to look outwards into the natural world. See the tree…watch the flower… observe the grass…feel the breeze. Notice how everything in nature does what it does naturally and peacefully. Peace is nature’s nature. It grows, blooms, decays

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Happy Planet Index

Today I watched this TED talk where statistician Nic Marks questions the way we measure our progress: He included the last line of this quote by Robert Kennedy. Here is the full quote: The Gross National Product includes air pollution

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Do Something Silly Every Day

Our thing for the month of September is to Do Something Silly Every Day. It’s harder than it sounds, and we’ve discovered that there is a very fine line between doing something silly and doing something stupid. My criteria is

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Your Heart is the Key to Your Home Frequency

I’m enjoying the book Frequency, by Penney Peirce. There is a section where it has an exercise to find your own home frequency. Those steps are: Say to yourself: “In this moment and in this body I am 100 percent

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Love Radiator included in wedding vows!

Molly and Aaron Heit included a hand-fasting in their wedding ceremony. They invited all the guest to help them “tie the knot” and parents were invited to bestow a one word blessing with an explanation. My blessing for them was

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Learned Optimism

From Philosopher’s Notes: “There are three crucial dimensions to your explanatory style: permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization” ~ Martin Seligman from Learned Optimism “Practice disputing your automatic interpretations all the time from now on.” Permanence: Is it likely to continue? Is it permanent or

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Finding My Inner Squirrel

In the Philosopher’s Note about Overachievement, Brian Johnson talks about how squirrels don’t engage their cerebral cortex before scurrying across a high wire. They just do it. Our cerebral cortexes save us from being squashed squirrels by the side of

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