If you would like to have a word or phrase transliterated into Sanskrit, you may contact us.

2 comments on “Sanskrit
  1. Chameleon says:

    What about “Turkey Snot”?

    I started collecting this expression in different languages as a hobby about 30 years ago thinking, unlike my other hobbies, it was lightweight, portable, required no storage space and, best of all, wouldn’t fill in the last 1/2″ of mouse space on my desk.

    So far, I’ve had very few willing contributors, but have managed to collect it in Greek, German, Spanish and French.

    & KTYLF[s]

  2. leila says:

    Since turkeys are native to North and South America, I’m pretty sure that they were unknown to the ancients of India. However, since they are genetically related to the peafowl I humbly submit for your consideration:
    nAsikAmala barhin (nose-dirt of peafowl)

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