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The Essence of Place

One of the things I used to love about going to San Francisco on business was flying out Saturday night and buying a Sunday Chronicle newspaper. The Datebook pink section advertised special events. I could open up the paper, drink

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Love the Hell that You’re In

One of the most striking comments I heard at WDS was from Danielle LaPorte. She was describing her formative years of growing up as “white trash.” I don’t remember the specifics of her childhood, but I was spellbound when I

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While we were watching Neil Pasricha’s TEDxToronto talk about Awesome at WDS I kept thinking that I wanted to share his message with my kids. I decided to show it at my son’s girlfriend Deanna’s birthday celebration. We had already

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Great Bowls O’ Fire! John T. Unger at #WDS

John T. Unger has clearly led a fiery, colorful life. He shared several personal stories with us in one of his talks at last weekend’s World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon, some dramatic and maybe even a little crazy sounding,

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Planes, trains, and automobuses

We were eagerly looking forward to riding the Amtrack Empire Builder from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Portland, Oregon for the inaugural World Domination Summit. We had reserved a family sleeping compartment for the two of us  with windows on both

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