Starting Your Love Engine

In three simple steps, Spring Forest Qi Gong Master Chunyi

 Lin explained how to start your Love Engine: 


First, it starts with a SMILE:

 Start My Internal Love Engine



Smile is the symbol of love. It helps to evoke the senses of caring, healing, and forgiveness. Put a smile on your face. Begin by moving the corners of your mouth upward slightly.


Second, make your unconditional love connection, through slower breathing. Slowing your breath helps to relax and still your mind. Breathe slowly and as deeply as you can without trying too hard. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. Take your time.


Third, begin to visualize or feel the gold light of a sun, radiating from inside you. The light of this sun enhances the feeling of the peaceful moment. Really see the light, really feel the radiant warmth. Love can only be found when your heart is at peace.


Now that you have rehearsed the steps, try it. Practice now for just a few minutes. Practice often. In this way you can become a Love Radiator.

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